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Does Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract really work?

Pure Green coffee bean extract, or GCBE, has revolutionized weight loss.
Researchers have reported incredible weight loss success. Our customers have shared amazing results. Dr. Oz has even featured the amazing power of this pure green bean coffee extract on his show.
It’s no wonder. Men and women, many who have struggled for years to lose weight, report weight loss in as little as 2 weeks. They didn’t need to exercise like maniacs or eat like birds. They simply took their daily 800mg of the pure green bean coffee extract!
Studies have shown the amazing results come from Chlorogenic Acid (also known as CGA). CGA is the active ingredient in green coffee beans. And the results of studies on CGA have been incredible!
According to the research done by the Department of Health Sciences at the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research, CGA inhibits glucose absorption and reduces insulin response. This keeps the body from making fat.
In 2007, The Journal of International Medical Research reported ‘statistically significant’ weight loss in overweight individuals over the course of a 12-week study. More importantly, they found that the weight loss was a result of fat loss! A study published in ‘Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy’, January 19, 2012, suggested that pure green bean coffee extract would be an inexpensive way to prevent obesity! Pure green coffee extract doesn’t require painful fasting. It doesn’t require torturous exercise. As a natural weight loss aid it easily stands on its own!

But the Chlorogenic Acid in the green coffee beans does more! As you lose weight, you’ll also enjoy the added benefits of…
• Reducing Blood Pressure
• Improving Circulation
• Improving liver function, to metabolize fat more efficiently
• Reducing your food cravings, and
• Increasing your metabolism, so you’ll enjoy greater energy!

You getall of these great benefits simply by taking it 30 minutes before a meal. For maximum effect, not just any extract will do. The best results come from a supplement that offers pure green coffee bean extract, 800 mg, with 50% CGA.
green-coffee-bean-extract-comparison-chart.jpgThat’s why GC Health Products provides only 100% all natural pure green beans with chlorogenic acid. We use only the purest extract, made with veggie capsules and prepared in FDA Registered Facilities with the Good Manufacturing Process - Consistent Quality stamp of approval. This way you know you’ll get the best results with our 800 mg, 50% CGA extract! Plus, our pure green coffee bean supplements comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If the product you receive doesn’t exceed our quality promise, call us. We will take care of the rest.

The Truth About this amazing little bean...
  After recent studies that Dr Oz did on his show, many agree that this product has amazing benefits for overall diet management. Other studies also show that the product can actually reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases and at the same time manage high sugar levels and high blood pressure which could ultimately help reduce risks of type 2 diabetes. This weight loss product offers several benefit for the human body and helps in regulating key body processes that are used to store, and metabolize fats. Therefore, it is a perfectly safe, reliable and effective fat loss assistant for anybody who does not have any health risks or preexisting conditions.

 green-coffee-bean-extact-and-dr-oz.jpgDoctor Oz has taken his research about the effectiveness of green coffee bean extract as a  way to help consumers understand in detail what the product can offer and the science behind its unique qualities. Medical research has increased in the last few years due to the increasing mainstream demand for this new weight loss product. Doctor Oz demystifies the concept behind this amazing product by saying that it aids in the speeding up of fat burning, not to be considered as a weight loss product for children under 18 or pregnant women. By facilitating numerous benefits to the body in terms of appetites suppression, management of body processes, metabolism and glucose absorption, this new miracle weight loss product is able to function at a different level than other so-called fat burning supplements that solely target losing weight sometimes, with adverse side effects to the body.


 The experiment done on the Doctor Oz Show is tested on a small group of 100+ women who do not have any medical conditions and are not pregnant or breastfeeding. They were divided into the Placebo group and the group that used the actual green coffee product. The ones that actually took the correct product lost weight. No diet changes were made to ensure that the effectiveness of the pure green coffee with GCA can be analyzed. Based on the test, it revealed that those who took  the green coffee diet product that Dr. Oz gave them had lost more weight compared to those who had taken the placebo capsules within the 2-week study. It shows that even with a regular diet, those who had taken the natural green coffee supplements had seen some promising results.

 Of course, the results will vary on each person, but the fact that there is significant weight loss after the experiment shows that there is a whole lot of truth behind this new all natural weight loss supplement that has the weight loss community buzzing and the gym memberships dropping. 

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